Welcome to the iPod and iPhone Repairs Centre

Why Choose Us?

As the leading iPod and iPhone repair specialists in Edinburgh, we are dedicated to the service, repair and upgrade of out of warranty Apple iPods and iPhones. We can repair broken screens, audio problems, hard disk and charging problems, liquid damage and everything in between! Bring your broken iPod or iPhone to the experts at our Edinburgh Repair Centre where we offer a simple, fast and friendly service that has achieved thousands of repairs so far. We also do iPhone 4 repairs.

Nationwide Delivery

You can even post us your iPod or iPhone using Royal Mail registered service. Our standard service for iPods and iPhones is to have it Repaired & Dispatched within 2-4 working days using Royal Mail registered post.

Same day walk-in express delivery is also available.

Want to Know More?

For more information on iPod and iPhone repairs and parts, please visit our dedicated website

iPod + iPhone Problem Definition

Touch Screen

• Touch screen not responding
• Your iPhone / iPod Touch screen may need replacing.


LCD Screen

• No text just backlight working.
• Blue 'ink spill' stain on screen.
• Cracked display making it impossible to read all the text.


Logic Board with Headphone

• Burnt-Plastic Smell
• USB Malfunction Errors
• Refuses Recharge Attempts
• Excessively Hot Back Panel
• No signs of life at all even if connected to power
• iPod wont connect to computer (but works normally in every other aspect).
• Distorted/crackling through headphones usually when scroll wheel is touched
• Sound form one headphone or only get sound when headphone plug is held in a certain position

Hard Drive

• Sad ipod logo on screen.
• iPod skips through songs.
• Sad Face Icon
• Folder Icon
• Click * Whir Syndrome
• Constantly Reboots
• Skips & Freezes
• Unrecognized By PC
• Stuck On Apple Logo
• Won't Turn On
• Battery Icon Error
• Doesn't Mount
• Clicking & Ticking
• Support Link Message
• Stuck In Disk Mode
• Songs Disappearing
• Won't Connect To iTunes
• Refuses To Restore
• iTunes Corrupt Error
• Lock (Hold) Function Stuck
• Silent Hard Drive
• Spins Up & Down
• Can't Access Main Menu
• Click Of Death
• Buttons Don't Respond • Folder and ! on screen (which can't be fixed with restore).
• Apple logo + clicking/whirring or constant rebooting.
• 36 error message when attempting to load music from iTunes.



• iPod only lasts for a short while after charging.
• iPod works fine when connected to power but dies when isn't.
• We use longer lasting high capacity batteries in our repairs


Front / Back Casing

• Front been badly scratched of damaged
• Feel like a change of colour
• Want to remove ipod laser engraving


Headphone Jack Socket

• Sound from one headphone or only get sound when
headphone jack is held in a certain position


Software Issue

• If the iPod is crashing, or behaving strangly the software may have become corrupted.
• We will attempt to repair and restore it.
• Note: Data (music, images, video etc) may be lost.

iPhone 4 Diagnostic Service

This service is available if you are unable to determine what is wrong with your iPhone. You can either send your iPhone or Bring it to our repair centre where we perform diagnosis on your iPhone. At this point we will be able to say what is wrong with your iphone and give you a repair quote.

iPhone 4 Screen Repair

in case the external screen of your iphone has been cracked, scratched or no longer responds to touch or the internal screen is white, has ink stains, black lines or cracked. we can replace the outer external touch /glass screen (digitzer) and inner LCD display screen as they come as single unit unlike previous models.

iPhone 4 Back Glass

If the back glass of your iphone is broken or scratch, we can fix this problem and replace the rear screen of your iphone, this includes both the glass and plastic underneath

iPhone 4 Home Button

if the home button on your iphone is not responding, we can fix this problem and replace the home button with a brand new one.

iPhone 4 Battery

We can replace your iphone battery if the charge is not lasting like it use to.

iPhone 4 Headphone Jack

if you are experiencing problems with the sound from the headphones , we can replace the headphone jackon your iphone.

iPhone 4 Sim Reader

We can replace your iPhone sim reader if it is not reading your sim.

Dock Connector / Charging Port IPhone 4

If your IPhone is not syncing or charging we will fix the dock connector.

iPhone 4 Water Damage

if your iPhone has a water damage, We offer a full service repair on water damaged iPhones. We completely disassemble your iPhone 4 and replace any and all malfunctioning parts. Please avoid powering the device as it will decrease the chances of retrieving your data.