Welcome to the Netversal Mobile Phone Repair Centre


We offer a wide range of services for mobile and smartphones. These include:

Water Damage,
Keyboard Replacements,
Software Upgrades,
Charging Problems,
Power Socket Replacement,
Screen Replacements,
Speaker Replacements,
Data Recovery and Transfers,
Software Installation,
And More.

We also repair iPods and iPhones.

Why Choose Us?

FREE 10 minute evaluation for every mobile phone.
Same day service available.
Our exclusive Repair Aftercare service.
A reliable service from our experienced engineers.

FREE 10-minute Evaluation

All mobile phones brought in for service at Netversal Repair Centre receive a FREE 10-minute evaluation before any work is performed. During this evaluation, the charging point, battery, and issues relating to the problem you are having are evaluated. In addition, your phone is checked for any software or operating system issues.

Repair Aftercare

If you experience any problems with your phone after it has been repaired at Netversal, with our exclusive Repair Aftercare service, you can rest assured that you can come back in store and we will aim to resolve the issue. All the components used in our repairs are brand new and come with a 30 day warranty.

Our policy

No Fix - No Fee Policy

• Our No-Fix-No-Fee policy means that if we do not possess the necessary technical knowledge or ability to resolve the problem, then no charge is made to the customer.
• If we are able to resolve the problem, but are only prevented from doing so because the customer does not possess the required software CD-ROM, Product Key or license then the customer is charged for the engineer's time spent to that point.
• If the engineer provides a clear and precise diagnosis of the problem and the customer decides not to proceed with either the replacement of the component or any other fix procedure, then the customer is charged for our time spent to that point.


It is advised you back-up all your personal data (which you should do as a matter of course anyway) before sending your computer anywhere for repair, as sometimes re-installing software can cause data loss.

Priority Service - £15

Priority service means that the initial diagnosis will be completed by the end of the next business day. If parts, or additional instructions for repair are needed, the service may require more time.

Service contracts and warranty coverage

We offer a free one-year depot warranty with all systems. Service is usually completed within 24 hours; we can often finish the job while you wait. Clients who purchase a system at Netversal Tech Networks receive lifetime free technical support on both hardware and all pre-installed software. Other benefits are a discounted labor rate on any system you bring in, and lifetime free labor on systems you purchase here.

A Technology Freedom Plan (TFP) from Netversal Tech Networks guarantees you four-hour response time, scheduled maintenance, and complete coverage for your network and software.

Hardware issues

Case Replacement

Includes mounting main board, transfer of all peripheral devices and expansion cards, programming LEDs, and testing. Case must be purchased separately.

Power Supply Replacement

supply must be purchased separately.

General Problem Diagnosis -£40

• Multiple hardware and software diagnostic tools are employed during a half-hour period to determine the source of the problem.
• After the one-half hour diagnostic period has elapsed, you will be notified of the results and presented with a repair estimate.
• Netversal Tech Center is not responsible for equipment failure during diagnostics.
• For owners of Netversal Tech Center PCs the first ½ hour of labor is free. If the PC is still under warranty and the problem is traced to hardware failure, Netversal Tech Center will waive all fees. Netversal Tech Centre is not responsible for compatibility issues between Netversal Tech Centre hardware and third-party software applications. Compatibility issues must be resolved by obtaining a patch to the program from the software vendor.

PC tune-up £49:

• Dust removal from main board and expansion cards.
• De fragment hard drive.
• Optimize system startup files.
• Scan disk hard drive.
• Maximize system resources & performance.
• Remove unnecessary programs.
• Correct device drivers.
• Reseat all expansion cards.
• Optimize CMOS settings.
• Check all cables, CPU and power supply fans.

Software issues

Data Transfer £45/hr

Netversal Tech Centre recommends that all data be copied from an original hard drive to a new one in the following cases:
• When the C: drive is over 75% full and a new hard drive is being installed in the system.
• When the original drive is failing. When there is no other backup available, and critical data is at risk during a major hardware or software upgrade.
• When the original hard drive is compressed hard drive, there will be an additional labor charge for data transfer.
• Netversal Tech Centre is not responsible for data loss incurred during data transfer.

Data Recovery Evaluation £40 :

Netversal Tech Centre will evaluate the feasibility of data recovery on a damaged hard drive.

Data Recovery £75 + :

Successfully recovered files are returned to you on floppy diskette, zip disk, or hard drive (media costs not included).

Windows Installation

- XP complete installation £75

- Vista complete installation £75

- Win 7 complete installation £75

• Includes installation of all device drivers, system optimization, all updates and testing of every individual component under the new operating system
• Requires purchase of Windows XP/Vista/Win 7 or proof of ownership
• Installation times may vary based on the speed of the computer and availability/compatibility of device drivers.

• £30 - reinstallation of an archived software installation onto a PC purchased at Netversal Tech Center: Netversal Tech Center will reinstall the software originally provided with your PC for £15.
• Archived software installations may not be available for PCs purchased more than one year ago.
• If the PC is still under warranty and the software damage is traced to failure of components provided by Netversal Tech Center, Netversal Tech Centre will waive this fee.

Password Removal £35

• If you forgot the login password on your PC that prevents you from accessing the system, Netversal Tech Centre can reset your password.

Virus Diagnosis - £40

• If Netversal Tech Centre suspects that your PC may be infected with a virus, we require that a virus diagnosis be performed before further work is attempted on the PC.

Common symptoms of a virus are:
• System will not start without system CD
• System is slow.
• system freezes with Blue Screen.
• CD/DVD drive does not function unless system is booted off system diskette.
• Problems in Microsoft Word documents.
• Illegal operations.
• Unexplained resource conflicts.
• Data is damaged on the hard drive.

Virus Removal From £75

Viruses may disappear but leave damaged files that affect system operation. • – Complete [Remove viruses / spyware; repair corrupted files; clean system of unnecessary programs that slow your system down.

Networking issues

Internet Service Setup - £25 per half hour

Netversal Tech Centre will setup your computer to connect to the Internet Service Provider of your choice. We will also troubleshoot problems you may be experiencing
with your existing connection to your Internet Service Provider. We cannot setup the Internet on computers running Windows XP or below or computers without a 56K fax/modem.

Wireless Networking -£55

Why not have wireless network set up in your home or office? We charge a standard £55.00 for setting up your network that includes the connection of 2 computers (or laptops). Each additional computer is £25.
The future is wireless. Throw out your cables and give us a call today.
• Wireless Installation
• Wireless Trouble Shooting
• Wireless Security
• Wired & Wireless Integration
• Connecting Macs

Wired Networking £45

Prefer the speed and security of a wired network? Our wired network setup charges start at £45.